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Safe Kids Now

A National Network


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Our Mission: To restore the HEART of the community to protect youth.


CITY LEADERS -  TAKE CHANGE! Change attitudes and strengthen families to protect children! Create a healthy balance between citizens and police!


The "Safe Neighborhoods Program" binder gives community leaders the tools to make cities safe without involving police. Take charge, educate neighbors on what to do and how to do it to strengthen families and create community peace!  When your civic group or church is ready, start a dialogue with police. 
Community leadership creates a healthy balance between citizens and police. City leaders can send a message that we care about our city, families and children. When people of good will get connected, they can reduce fear, restore hope, build relationships and trust as they create a healthy environment for everyone. And, save taxpayers $$$!

Who are the community leaders?  Any responsible group leader willing to form a collalition of leaders to work together to involve neighbors and take back their neighborhood safety.

Read article, "Stop Police From Assuming Too Much Power" - Posted on Safe Kids Now Blog!

Join "Safe Kids Now" National Network to protect children! (Home page - upper right corner)  Monthly teleconference calls with Guest Speakers working to keep kids safe. 

Workshops and coaching provided by Dr. Barbara Williams, relationship educator and Stephanie Mann, crime and violence prevention consultant

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What people are saying...

"I would like to express my gratitude for the adopt-a-block strategy you promote. Your work has been a great foundation for the efforts we have begun here. It is one piece to this puzzle, and it serves as a tool for progress. Now my task at hand is to get the job done." Michael O. Adekunle - Pinellas County Urban League, St. Petersburg, FL

"Here at last is a down to earth, do it yourself guide to community organizing. The instructions are simple but powerfully effective and accessible to all communities." Dr. Kimberly Duir - Family & Community Medicine - University of California, SF & UC Davis

"We as citizens have the power to shape and protect our neighborhoods--the key is organization, connection, involvement, action and accountability. We can become a liveable community again." Cessaly Hutchinson, Safe Kids Now, Georgia Representative

For more information about buying the Safe Neighborhoods Program, go to the CARR Foundation.

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