Stephanie Mann helped launch “Neighborhood Watch.” She co-authored, “Alternative to Fear,” about reducing crime 48% without a local police department. See “Books” page and the interview for Bill Moyer’s TV Special, “Stopping Violence” on “Videos” page.



Wednesday 1PM PST/ 4PM EST Streaming live on Facebook & YouTube AAU media June 9 2021 Special Guest Darlene M. Corbett, LICSW Keynote Speaker, Therapist, Success Coach & Author Author of Stop Depriving The World Of You   Stephanie Mann hosts the, “Safe Kids Now Show” on originating from New York. A national…

SAFE KIDS NOW SHOW – Tuesday June 2nd

On Wednesday, June 2nd. Speaker, Armand King, Former Pimp and author of, “Born in Pimp City” will be Stephanie’s guest speaker. He will discuss his story and what he is doing today to help children. Stephanie Mann hosts the, “Safe Kids Now Show” on originating from New York. A national and international show on 30 different stations…

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How to stop mass shootings in America!

As a crime and violence prevention specialist for 40 years, I would like to share my perspective on Brian Greenspun’s front page article in the Las Vegas Sun 5/30/21 on mass shooting, “What the hell’s wrong with us?” Today the only options discussed by the media to stop shootings are mental health and gun control.…

How to heal a divided nation after Covid.

Beware of politicians telling us they will make life better. Their primary goal is to be reelected to maintain power and control. They often increase taxes, legislate reforms and pass new laws to control people’s behavior which makes Americans weaker and more dependent. The summer of 2020 saw fringe groups in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Washington…

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Everyone Wants Safer Communities Where Children Feel Respected and Protected. Be Part of the Solution!
Safe Kids Now Offers Steps to Keep Children Safe From Bullies, Abuse, Drugs, Crime and Violence.
Empowerment Parenting
My First Steps to a Safe Neighborhood
Street Safe Kids
City Leaders Can Create Safer Cities!

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WHAT MAKES THIS PROGRAM DIFFERENT? Stephanie Mann has been a crime and violence prevention specialist and consultant working with criminal justice agencies, politicians, police and citizen groups since 1976. She has helped city leaders strengthen families, support youth and restore community peace. Now, any city can strengthen families. Fear and anger grows when police assume too much power. When neighbors take ownership of neighborhood safety, they reduce social isolation, fear and PREVENT youthful bad behavior. Involved neighbors can build trust, restore hope, solve problems and help create community PEACE. The imbalance of power led to violence in Ferguson MO and Baltimore MD and many other cities. Demonstrations across America exposed the breakdown between citizens and police.

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Stephanie L Mann the Executive director of SKN

Stephanie L. Mann

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