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Friday, September 25th, Presentation with Stephanie Mann “Peace Starts With Me: Empowering the Individual.”: A UC Berkeley college club whose mission is to inspire and empower students to be global citizens. A new event series involves recognizing local peacemakers and having a discussion on the tangible ways that college students can make peace within themselves,…

Black Lives Matter!

What will it take to create police change and safer streets for everyone? Let’s discuss how to create CHANGE! –  How do we change the hearts and minds of police? Involve citizens –  How do we create safer neighborhoods for families, especially youth? Involve citizens –  How do we stop crime, drugs and violence? Involve…

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The Perfect Storm for Violence!

The murder of 12 and wounding of 58 people at a theater in Aurora, CO is another national tragedy sparking debate on gun control. Based on my experience as a crime and violence prevention consultant, over the past 35 years, I see a need to share what I have learned about violence. The seed for…

Will Spiritual Ignorance be America’s downfall?

Human beings don’t need religion to discover their inner power. We already have the power to connect with our creator without religion. Humans are born with awesome powers which include instincts, imagination, creativity, intuition, undiscovered talents, and an awesome conscience, which can keep us safe and healthy if we choose to listen. That is why…

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Everyone Wants Safer Communities Where Children Feel Respected and Protected. Be Part of the Solution!
Safe Kids Now Offers Steps to Keep Children Safe From Bullies, Abuse, Drugs, Crime and Violence.
Empowerment Parenting
My First Steps to a Safe Neighborhood
Street Safe Kids
City Leaders Can Create Safer Cities!

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WHAT MAKES THIS PROGRAM DIFFERENT? Stephanie Mann has been a crime and violence prevention specialist and consultant working with criminal justice agencies, politicians, police and citizen groups since 1976. She has helped city leaders strengthen families, support youth and restore community peace. Now, any city can strengthen families. Fear and anger grows when police assume too much power. When neighbors take ownership of neighborhood safety, they reduce social isolation, fear and PREVENT youthful bad behavior. Involved neighbors can build trust, restore hope, solve problems and help create community PEACE. The imbalance of power led to violence in Ferguson MO and Baltimore MD and many other cities. Demonstrations across America exposed the breakdown between citizens and police.

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Stephanie L Mann the Executive director of SKN

Stephanie L. Mann

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