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Everyone Wants Safer Communities Where Children Feel Respected and Protected. Be Part of the Solution!
Safe Kids Now Offers Steps to Keep Children Safe From Bullies, Abuse, Drugs, Crime and Violence.
Together…a voice for kids! Connect with the Safe Kids Now Network with monthly guest speaker teleconference calls.
National Safe Kids Now Network
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My First Steps to a Safe Neighborhood

Street Safe Kids

Connect With Involved Americans Working to Keep Children Safe and Healthy.

Join Us! Teleconference call (515-739-1037 Call in Code #462489) last Monday of every month with a guest speaker. 8:30am(PT) 11:30am(ET)


SKN Conference Call – Guest Speaker: Christopher Duff

Christopher Duff of Innocent Eyes and National Parent Army will be our speaker to talk about his vision with NPA and how parents coming together can make a difference. He will also share with us information about Innocent Eyes. He is an investigator in Waveland, Mississippi.   We look forward to hearing him on Monday.…

Pimp Proofing Daughters

Pimp Proofing Daughter is having its second discussion of 2019.  Dr. Tina LeBlanc will be the guest speaker. She will talk about the roles fathers play in this issue and the education of the girls. Learn more at Daughters Lives Matter. Join the discussion on February 28th, 6 pm – 7pm, Pacific Time. Phone: 1-515-739-1436 Code: 686841

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Improving Early Childhood Development with Words

This is a TedTalk with Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald on parenting – Topic: Improving early childhood development with words! What you need to know when you have a baby! How parents interaction creates an amazing future for their child.

Vegas Lost: Meet the woman behind ‘Neighborhood Watch’

You’ve probably had never heard of Stephanie Mann, but you most definitely know what she helped to create. Read more here.

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WHAT MAKES THIS PROGRAM DIFFERENT? Stephanie Mann has been a crime and violence prevention specialist and consultant working with criminal justice agencies, politicians, police and citizen groups since 1976. She has helped city leaders strengthen families, support youth and restore community peace. Now, any city can strengthen families. Fear and anger grows when police assume too much power. When neighbors take ownership of neighborhood safety, they reduce social isolation, fear and PREVENT youthful bad behavior. Involved neighbors can build trust, restore hope, solve problems and help create community PEACE. The imbalance of power led to violence in Ferguson MO and Baltimore MD and many other cities. Demonstrations across America exposed the breakdown between citizens and police.

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Stephanie L Mann the Executive director of SKN

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