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Good news! Magical YOU is a bestseller on Amazon in 3 categories: School Safety and Violence – Depression and Electronic Document. A book for preteens and teenagers

Arlington, Texas, September 13, 2023 – Magical YOU – written by Stephanie Mann, has just concluded a successful book launch on Amazon with the book ranked as a #1 Best Seller.
Every teen should read “Magical YOU: Empowering Teens to Stay Safe and Healthy in an Unsafe World!” The ten steps include stories, illustrations, and graphics to help youth learn how magical they are despite any difficulties. Loneliness is a national epidemic after COVID. Empowered youth learn how to make real friends, understand why bullies and victims are attracted to each other, and how to stay spiritually centered at all times.

The author tells her story of abandonment at age 15, and she didn’t speak the language. Readers will discover their inner power, and critical steps to help them survive and thrive at school and in the community. Each step taps into their hidden talents as they discover their awesome potential. “Magical YOU is filled to the brim with valuable advice and a must-read for teens of all ages!”
Ava E, age 17 The book, marketed by BCG Publishing is available on Amazon in kindle and paperback formats.
Stephanie can be reached at https://safekidsnow.com for more information.

Sextortion! Watch with Preteen or Teenager!

Stephanie Mann’s workshop session:

Date: December 14, 2023 (Thursday)

Attendance: Conduct via Google Meet, consecutive interpretation provided online.

Time: 08:30-10:45 a.m. (Taiwan time)

We firmly believe that your participation will bring a fresh perspective to the field of child and youth services and contribute to a better future.

Stephanie L Mann the Executive director of SKN

Stephanie Mann helped launch “Neighborhood Watch.” She co-authored, “Alternative to Fear,” about reducing crime 48% without a local police department. See “Books” page and the interview for Bill Moyer’s TV Special, “Stopping Violence” on “Videos” page.

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Empowerment Parenting has been translated into Chinese for 300 welfare workers in Taiwan!

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Everyone Wants Safer Communities Where Children Feel Respected and Protected. Be Part of the Solution!
Safe Kids Now Offers Steps to Keep Children Safe From Bullies, Abuse, Drugs, Crime and Violence.
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WHAT MAKES THIS PROGRAM DIFFERENT? Stephanie Mann has been a crime and violence prevention specialist and consultant working with criminal justice agencies, politicians, police and citizen groups since 1976. She has helped city leaders strengthen families, support youth and restore community peace. Now, any city can strengthen families. Fear and anger grows when police assume too much power. When neighbors take ownership of neighborhood safety, they reduce social isolation, fear and PREVENT youthful bad behavior. Involved neighbors can build trust, restore hope, solve problems and help create community PEACE. The imbalance of power led to violence in Ferguson MO and Baltimore MD and many other cities. Demonstrations across America exposed the breakdown between citizens and police.