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A Child’s Spiritual Journey to Freedom!

Life on planet Earth is a journey of self-discovery to find our hidden talents and develop the courage to excel. Children are born with imagination, intuition, creativity, insights, instincts, a sense of humor, and a self-protective conscience, which can keep them safe and healthy. Our life’s journey is to find our path to peace and…

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The Rise of Hate and Violence in America

The Rise of Hate and Violence in America

Peaceful demonstrations are not a problem. They only become a problem when they turn violent. VIOLENT BEHAVIOR DEMONSTRATES A LACK OF SPIRITUAL SELF-AWARENESS, which has many consequences for individuals and society. Most non-religious people follow the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” They may or may not have…

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Together we can stop bullies


Everyone is different, and we show a variety of personalities when we are toddlers. Children can be aggressive (grab a toy from another child), passive (shy and cling to parent), or even-tempered but can demonstrate both behaviors at different times. This is normal behavior for babies. How adults teach children to handle aggressive and passive…

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Count to five and open your eyes

American Children in Crisis!

Are “we the people” expecting politicians to save our children and restore family and community values? A politician’s job is to pass laws and spend taxpayers’ money. Beware of giving politicians too much power. Hitler demonstrated how one man took over Germany, gradually becoming a nation of followers. Putin is today’s example of one man’s evil power to…

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Are American leaders failing Us?

Americans who are based in the Middle East have been attacked 165 times since the devastating ambush of Israeli citizens on October 7th. Has America’s response worked or failed? As a crime and violence prevention specialist for 40 years, I don’t have experience in national policy, but I do know how to keep the peace…

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A caring, happy community

America: The Power of Hate and Love

Americans can win the spiritual battle between love and hate, good and evil. People in free nations choose to believe in a loving God, a controlling God, or no God! A loving God empowers, a controlling God dictates behavior, and no God creates spiritual ignorance. Without any spiritual understanding of self, anger and hate can…

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safekidsnow - Christmas message

A Christmas message of HOPE!

When young people grow up without a foundation of love, support, and respect, they may not understand the difference between good, bad, and evil. However, we see more crime! How many young people are looting, rioting in the streets, lashing out at strangers, and destroying property? When anger turns into violence, American freedom is on…

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US protests

Why Does Hamas Hate Jews?

Israel is a tiny sliver of land surrounded by countries that dictators control. Millions of people are living under dictatorships, including Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Egypt. Dictators teach religious control to their youth, who march in lockstep of obedience. They hate the infidels, who are people who don’t adhere to any religion other…

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I Forgot How to LOVE

Americans are watching crime and violence on our streets, with teens and young adults looting stores, rioting, hitting strangers, and killing innocent people. It is sad to see and tragic for everyone who doesn’t feel safe in today’s cities.  Yes, we need more police and consequences for criminal behavior, but that will not solve the…

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America’s Downfall: Sexualizing Children

Over the last few decades, Americans saw a massive change from girls protecting their virginity in the 1950s to an increasing number of teenagers actively engaging in sex. Sex gradually became acceptable in movies; today, sexual acts are on daytime TV. Some schools are now talking to young children about sex, different forms of sexual…

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Wake Up Media: America needs YOU!

Wake Up Media: America needs YOU!

The political debate is: Will Americans move away from free markets and toward socialism? According to the dictionary, “A transitional social state is between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism: socialism is the first stage of the worldwide transition to communism.”  Socialism may sound good to people struggling to pay bills and the…

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Mind spirit

Happiness Can Kill!

I was switching channels when I heard a woman say, “Food is the only thing that makes me happy.” I stopped and watched a 900-pound, bedridden woman shovel a huge piece of cake into her mouth. That made me stop and think, what is happiness?  Many people don’t understand that emotional health creates physical and mental…

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flag of United States

America: Will We Keep Our Freedoms?

Look around and what do you hear and see? Corrupt politicians, a half million people homeless, crime out of control, the police under attack, corrupt leaders and gangs running our cities, child sex trafficking, Sextortion on the internet, millions of people pouring over our border, and we don’t even know what has happened to 85,000…

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pic with a sign that says I dont co parent with the government


Many parents neglect to tell children that every human is born with extraordinary powers that can keep them safe and healthy. When teens lack a spiritual understanding, they may go down the rabbit hole of self-destruction. Some teens are experimenting with sex when they are unprepared for any adverse emotional trauma that can follow. They may…

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How to Stop Mass Shootings!

There have been 147 mass shootings this year. In Louisville, KY, four died, and nine people were injured at the hands of a 23-year-old man. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear lost his best friend and said, “Violence tears at the social fabric of our community. What we need now is LOVE and wrap our arms around…

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Save Our Planet, Save Ourselves! 

Many environmentalists are working to clean our oceans, save our forests, plant trees and pick up roadside trash. Politicians pass laws against littering, and city workers try to keep our streets clean. These are all great efforts, but we need everyone involved to “Save Our Planet.” So…how can we make that happen?  Cities Need Trained…

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Drug addict with a syringe doing an injection dose

Why Do Kids Take Drugs?

Drugs impact children as young as ten or eleven years old. Due to the open Mexican border, Fentanyl pills are killing 300 people a day, including children. Parents should ask…Could my child take a Fentanyl pill by mistake? Why are young people using drugs instead of learning how to live healthy, productive lives? What happened to the…

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Health O Meter Scale

Walkable Neighborhoods Can Reduce Obesity and Crime

In the U. S., the obesity epidemic accounts for more than $170 Billion in surplus medical costs per year. However, ordinary citizens have discovered an unexpected solution to this national problem: walkable neighborhoods. By forming walking clubs, Americans are not only losing weight, but they are also fighting crime and creating safer communities. In Bakersfield, California, two mothers started a…

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Good and bad

Bad Choices: Big Consequences

Have you warned your children that there are always consequences for bad behavior? You may not get caught lying, cheating, bullying, stealing, or hurting other people, but you are a unique spiritual being, and your conscience records your behavior. If you steal, bully, or intentionally hurt someone, you may feel good at the moment, but your…

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Men Become Gods in Vulnerable Countries

A morally strong America defeated dictators such as Hitler, Hirohito and Mussolini during World War II. Today there are 57 dictatorships worldwide, including Xi Jinping of China, Kim Jong-Un in North Korea and Vladimir Putin of Russia, who want to destroy freedom. Christianity and people of faith are now under attack by Socialists in our…

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American flag and we the people on scroll

How Can City Leaders Stop Crime and Violence?

FOR CITY LEADERS, MAYORS, CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS, RELIGIOUS LEADERS, NON-PROFIT GROUPS, POLITICIANS, AND THE MEDIA We must reduce FEAR of each other! The proliferation of 400,000,000 guns in America tells us that people live with fear and social isolation as crime, drugs, and violence continue to escalate. There are solutions! Stephanie Mann, Author – Crime and…

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A Simple Plan to Save America – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1 of “A Simple Plan to save America,” we need to involve citizens if we are going to create safe neighborhoods and communities. Crime increases as fear of becoming a victim increases. Americans who feel powerless have armed themselves with 400,000,000 guns, which tells us, we need a new strategy to…

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A Simple Plan to Save America

Let’s stop assuming politicians can save us! They talk big, spend our money, and pass laws, but they can’t preserve American culture or values. Only “We the People” can save ourselves. COVID has taken a devastating toll as drugs, crime, violence, and suicide has dramatically increased. We have seen how important it is for young…

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Human Rights

Violent America: What’s Missing from the Conversation?

In 2022, Americans experienced 213 mass shootings, with the recent shooting of nineteen children and two teachers in Texas. President Biden addressed politicians, stating, “Do something for God’s sake!” The only time the media or politicians mention God is after another tragedy. What’s missing is the voice of the religious community. When people die due…

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Hands Pointing At Corrupt Lying Politician

Let’s expose the “Jackass Generation”

The “Greatest Generation” began in 1901. The “Silent Generation” started in the 1920s to the ’30s, and after World War 11 came the “Baby Boomers.” From 1965 through the 1980s, the “Gen X Generation” grew. The “Millennials” are the children of baby boomers, which ended in 2004.  Today we have the “Jackass Generation,” which split…

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Topic of sex to child

Understanding Spiritual Sex

All humans are spiritual beings! Everyone has hidden talents, inner wisdom, imagination, instincts, and intuition, with various emotions. We can develop self-respect and self-control to make our lives happy and successful.   American culture has sexualized society. Today, there are 200,000 sex addicts and 40 million people on Porn sites, leading to unrealistic expectations and a distortion of…

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Mount Rushmore And American Flag

Proving the Historians Wrong

I think most of us would agree that it seems like the world is spinning out of control in these current times. Worldwide, the spins caused by ‘spin’ are occurring with ever increasing velocity and potency.  It reminded me of when the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded. In the last seconds before the explosion, NASA reported…

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Reiki Field Light

The Magic of the Human Spirit

God designed the human body and soul to keep us safe and healthy. Unfortunately, most people these days don’t believe in or seek the power of the inner spirit. Instead, we desire instant solutions. We look for doctors to cure us, police to protect us, public teachers to raise our children, and the government to help pay our bills. No doubt, politicians have distracted us from God’s plan for our…

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oscars trophy

The Slap Heard Around the World

What motivated Will Smith to slap Chris Rock at the Academy Awards? The slap was an instantaneous reaction to a statement within the joke made by Chris Rock. Unintentionally-provoked violent behavior and verbal abuse tell us about an individual’s lack of self-awareness and self-control. Time to address root causes of violence Violence can occur when…

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Ukraine flag and heart

How Faith, Family, and Freedom can Defeat Evil

Vladimir Putin, the Communist leader of Russia, launched an unprovoked full-scale assault on Ukraine. American leaders have called him “unhinged” and “mentally unstable” as his Army continues to kill innocent people while destroying the cities and infrastructure of Ukraine. Putin became even more enraged as his war met with stiff resistance, and he threatened to use nuclear weapons. Putin,…

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Kids running on grass hill with blue sky

How to Defeat the Socialist’s Agenda

Concerned Americans cannot defeat socialism by electing politicians, creating new laws, or feeling hopeless as TV and radio discuss the socialist agenda. We, the people, must get involved and take back our power. So how do we do that? It is starting to happen as people speak up at school board meetings, call their legislators,…

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Hands making love gesture with US flag


Nations have been fighting each other since time began. Watching the History Channel, it is hard to believe that 12,000 Americans died fighting in the Pacific each month during World War ll. Today, we have men killing each other in our cities with no end in sight. During every war, leaders worked together, decided on a…

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Child Hand Closeup Into Parents. Hands Of Father, Mother, Keep H

Empower Kids: More critical than school!

The Center for Disease Control stated that a record 100,000 people died from 2020 to 2021 from Fentanyl overdoses.  In addition, in the first six months of 2021, children’s hospitals nationwide reported a “shocking” 45% increase in the number of self-injury and suicide cases in 5- to 17-year-olds compared to the same period in 2019.…

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Chicago violence

American Leaders: Good at War, Failing at PEACE

During the summer of 2020, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and other cities were burned, looted, and vandalized as citizens and 2,000 police officers were injured. There was little or no discussion from politicians. However, when the Washington Capital was breeched, violence became the topic of discussion. Among Americans, “one in three now believe that…

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Flag of Afghanistan

Good vs. Evil in Afghanistan

In America, we have experienced evil people manipulating the Bible to control people’s lives. Pastor Jim Jones took his “followers” to Guyana to create a happy, peaceful colony. He controlled his 900 followers and they killed themselves or were shot when Jim Jones felt threatened by an American Congressman. Other cult leaders included Charles Manson,…

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Back of dollar bill

Why we failed in Afghanistan

“IN GOD WE TRUST” is printed on the back of every US dollar bill. The US Constitution, for the most part, was written by men of faith. American politicians and many citizens forgot what made America a great nation. During World War ll, Americans who fought and died for freedom were called the “Greatest Generation.” They…

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American Needs Divine Intervention Header

America Needs Divine Intervention

The love of power and money has distorted many Americans’ vision of success and freedom. Politicians and government are dividing our nation, spreading fear, defunding police, assuming the role of parents in schools as violence increases. What can we do? As a crime and violence prevention consultant for 40 years, I’ve worked in every kind of…

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Police image


The national media’s message is that the government can solve all problems.  Without debate or discussion, many people assume the government can “fix” social issues, including family and neighborhood safety. If a democracy is to survive, citizens must be involved to keep the government from assuming too much power.   Police departments are militaristic organizations with…

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America has been a free society since 1776 when the Constitution was signed by our Founding Fathers. Our basic freedoms include Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, and the Right to Peacefully assemble. However, today our freedoms are threatened by politicians seeking power and control over our American way of life! A recent…

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End gun violance background with United States map

How to stop mass shootings in America!

As a crime and violence prevention specialist for 40 years, I would like to share my perspective on Brian Greenspun’s front page article in the Las Vegas Sun 5/30/21 on mass shooting, “What the hell’s wrong with us?” Today the only options discussed by the media to stop shootings are mental health and gun control.…

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How to heal a divided nation after Covid.

Beware of politicians telling us they will make life better. Their primary goal is to be reelected to maintain power and control. They often increase taxes, legislate reforms and pass new laws to control people’s behavior which makes Americans weaker and more dependent. The summer of 2020 saw fringe groups in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Washington…

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People working together

“Defunding Police” has Awakened the Sleeping Giant!

Today police are leaving cities as “defund police” takes a toll on officers. City leaders are releasing prisoners as crime dramatically increases which puts everyone in jeopardy. Thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring over our southern border. Our justice system is being threatened! Radical activists blame police for violence as young people destroy their own…

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The Deadly Truth About American Youth

Many parents are setting children up to fail. Youth need to know how to survive a drug infested, sexualized, violent culture which is America today. Young people are under attack as drugs, gangs, hate groups, child sex trafficking, child abuse, date rape, internet porn and violence lure youth into self-destructive behaviors. In Detroit during one…

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Someone holding her hand out to represent stopping child sex abuse

Prevent Child Sex Abuse

PARENTS: Talk and listen to children! I recommend that every parent watch the documentary, “Athlete A” (on Netflix) which is a wakeup call for adults! This documentary tells us how children are used and abused by sexual predators and why men in control do little to stop it. In “Athlete A,” Dr. Larry Nassar, an…

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Someone standing in front of doors that represent America's future

Prediction from an American Great Grandmother

Americans are evolving into a more enlightened country! However, many of us suffer from anxiety, fear and disappointment because that is the way human beings wake up to reality.   As an enlightened people, we become role models for positive change. We don’t need everyone to understand that we are experiencing “spiritual warfare,” good vs.…

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American Leaders: Good at War, Failing at PEACE

American Leaders: Good at War, Failing at PEACE

During the summer of 2020, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and other cities were burned, looted, and vandalized as citizens and 2,000 police officers were injured. There was little or no discussion from politicians. However, when the Washington Capital was breached, violence became the topic of discussion. Among Americans, “one in three now believe that…

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A group of kids sitting down

Do Children’s Lives Matter?

Society is us, not just elected officials. America’s future is in peril because children have been ignored, neglected and abused as family and neighborhood support deteriorated. We see the destructive results with many young people lacking a moral foundation which include the 3 C’s: Courage, Character and a self-protective Conscience. Click here to read the…

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resize family problem conflict and p 304663213

The Perfect Storm for Violence!

The murder of 12 and wounding of 58 people at a theater in Aurora, CO is another national tragedy sparking debate on gun control. Based on my experience as a crime and violence prevention consultant, over the past 35 years, I see a need to share what I have learned about violence. The seed for…

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resized Meditation 273769

Will Spiritual Ignorance be America’s downfall?

Human beings don’t need religion to discover their inner power. We already have the power to connect with our creator without religion. Humans are born with awesome powers which include instincts, imagination, creativity, intuition, undiscovered talents, and an awesome conscience, which can keep us safe and healthy if we choose to listen. That is why…

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Two police cars outside

American Cities Are NOT Ready to “Defund Police!”

Did you ever hear the quote, “You can’t change other people; you can only change yourself?” That includes the relationship between citizens and police. Intimidation, name calling, violence and “Defund Police” will only make communities more vulnerable and less safe. And, to make matters worse, harden police attitudes toward the community. The way to change…

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ANARCHY: The tip of a dangerous crisis!

Americans watched Anarchists hijack Black Lives Matter!  Peaceful demonstrations by day turned into destroying property by night. They tore down historic statues, occupied city blocks in Seattle, and assaulted police. So…What is the root problem? We are witnessing a SPIRITUAL CRISIS IN AMERICA! Americans don’t allow children to bully in schools so why are city…

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The MEDIA: The Biggest Promoter of RACISM

As a crime and violence prevention consultant, 40 years, I’m frustrated by the national media not seeing THEIR role in spreading Racism. Yes, we must improve race relations and police reform, but we also need media reform. The national media focus has always been, “If it bleeds, it leads.” We need important information but, we…

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Happy Family

Beyond Stress: How to find Happiness

Sending love to all who feel isolated and depressed. You are not alone. Many people feel stressed at one time or another and may take it out on family members. Almost everyone has had bad stuff happen growing up. Perhaps, you witnessed or experienced bullying, divorce, death, abuse, drug addiction and/or violence. Many hardworking people…

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Freedom Can Defeat America’s Victim Culture!

  Our Founding Fathers knew that all men are created equal with inalienable rights to seek life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with freedom for all. Over the last 50 years, Americans have spent $22 Trillion on poverty which is 3 times more money than all the wars since the American Revolution. (Source: Heritage Foundation)…

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Lena Walter receiving an award for outstanding efforts in the fight against human trafficking

Lena Walter Receives an Award for Outstanding Efforts in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Las Vegas City Council members presented, Lena Walter Honorary Consul of Sweden, an award for outstanding efforts in the fight against human trafficking, December 18, 2019. The organization, “Awareness is Prevention” is being recognized for their contribution to the community. Safe Kids Now members are working with Lena to help stop child sex trafficking using…

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A swan covering her babies in a river

Good Mental Health Begins at Home

Many American families have made a terrible mistake, which has cost lives! They failed to discuss and create an environment that promotes individual responsibility. As a result, many young people do not know how to handle emotional pain and anger. Anger can turn into revenge as individuals blame others for their problems. They may even feel…

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Screen shot from video of the hearing on Bill HB3135

Bill HB3135 Hearing

What Texas is doing to protect children from predators. Video is a hearing on Bill HB3135. Let’s support people working to keep kids safe. The sexual revolution was started by the Kinsey Report. Alfred Kinsey was a sexual predator. Check out for information about Dr. Kinsey. Thank you Cessaly Hutchinson, for sharing this information.

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kindness quote

Social Isolation Is Killing Our Kids

The loss of community participation has contributed to the growth of drug abuse, crime, violence and youth suicide. Social isolation has created a growing number of isolated youth who are “plugged” into their devices and get limited information from family, religion or involved neighbors who cares about them. That change has made it easier for…

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Safe Kids Now Podcast: Beyond GUN Control

After the Newtown massacre, Americans experienced, again, the reality of young people killing the innocent. A gun is a power tool for those who feel powerless. We can pass laws and try to control guns but they are NOT solutions. Community support strengthen families, reduces fear and social isolation which fuels gun violence! Find out…

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Empowerment Parenting

Empowerment Parenting is on Amazon

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** EDITORS: For review copies or interview requests, contact: Marketing Services Tel: 888-795-4274 Fax: 812-355-4079 Email: MarketingServices(at)xlibris(dot)com (When requesting a review copy, please provide a street address.) Ten-step guide aims to empower youth to become centered, responsible and self-aware Author Stephanie L. Mann demonstrates approach to ‘Empowerment Parenting’ LAS VEGAS – As a…

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SKN member, Terry Boykins, next to University of California, Risverside School of Medicine Banner

Congratulations, Terry!

SKN member, Terry Boykins will serve on the advisory board addressing the next generation of University of California, Riverside medical professionals serving all communities. Linda Reimann Deborah Deas MD for Mission Award Fund:

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Announcement: TIP TOONS

Announcement: TIP TOONS to help you keep kids safe – Our SKN partner, the CARR Foundation and Ginger Guadagni created, Tip Toons. Our 1st and 2nd Tip Toon address, “The Listening Chair” and “Child Abuse.”  What parents need to discuss with children to empower them.

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The Listening Chair

Every child needs to feel heard and respected. The best way to do that is for family members to LISTEN to each other! We can’t listen if we don’t provide the opportunity for children to share their feelings, anger, problems and successes.

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