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Keeping Kids Safe Begins At Home And In Our Neighborhoods

Did you ever hear the quote, “You can’t change other people; you can only change yourself?” That includes the relationship between citizens and police. Intimidation, name-calling, violence, and “Defund Police” will only make communities more vulnerable and less safe. And, to make matters worse, harden police and citizen attitudes toward each other and the community.…

Beyond Anger: Why City Leaders Need Neighborhood Safety Experts!

June 2020 – Father’s Day Weekend, 104 people were shot in Chicago and 14 died. Five victims were children! Let’s discuss solutions! What’s happening in your city?? The purpose of training Neighborhood Safety Experts (NSE) is to empower neighbors and create a healthy balance between citizens and police. NSE helps neighbors PREVENT crime, gangs, sex,…

Screen shot from video of the hearing on Bill HB3135

Bill HB3135 Hearing

What Texas is doing to protect children from predators. Video is a hearing on Bill HB3135. Let’s support people working to keep kids safe. The sexual revolution was started by the Kinsey Report. Alfred Kinsey was a sexual predator. Check out http://www.drjudithreisman.com/ for information about Dr. Kinsey. Thank you Cessaly Hutchinson, for sharing this information.