Empowerment Parenting


Empowerment Parenting provides parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches and educators the tools to help youth become responsible and self-aware.

Children can learn how to handle anger, discover how to stay safe from bullies, drugs and other self-destructive behaviors. Teens can discover the power of intuition, setting goals and working with others. Every child can reach their potential if they know the beginning steps to achieve success.

Empowerment Parenting:  How to raise resilient children who become self-reliant, happy adults covers topics like “Find your center” and “Trust your intuition and instincts”.  This guide for adults uses 138 illustrations and stories to equip you to help your child rely on their self-protective conscience to make positive choices even in the midst of difficult life circumstances.

LOVE is spending TIME with children and offering SUPPORT so they can discover their hidden talents and reach their potential!


Press Release for Empowerment Parenting


I couldn’t put this book down! In my opinion, every community, church, family, and school should have this book. Once it’s read, it changes how you view a child. Without a doubt, this book will help you in your journey to strengthen your family.  Deborah Faith Taylor, President/Founder of Wings of Love, Memphis, Tennessee

A truly educational, encouraging read and ride, leading us from darkness to light, from suppression to liberty. Rev. R. Geoffrey Brown, MDiv, ThM, PhD

Empowerment Parenting will make a significant contribution toward the prevention of youth violence. Warren Rupf, former Contra Costa County Sheriff, California

This guide is an excellent book for all. This is a must-read.  Sher Graham, EVP, NeuroBehavior, The Synergy Solutions Group, Mobile, Alabama

Stephanie Mann is a crime and violence prevention specialist and consultant. She began as a volunteer when her community of 17,500 residents had a crime wave. Without a local police department, ten volunteers educated neighbors to take responsibility for youth and neighborhood safety. Connected neighbors reduced crime 48-percent within two and a half years. She co-authored, “Alternative to Fear,” which helped launch, “Neighborhood Watch.” (1974 book online – www.safekidsnow.com)


Stephanie survived fear and neglect as a child. While working in “high fear” neighborhoods, she saw young people who were able to move beyond their circumstances to excel in life despite drug dealers, abusers, gangs and social decay. She discovered that it is the strength of young people’s support system that empowers youth! Based on her experience, she created this ten-step guide that awakens self-awareness, which improves self-discipline, self-control and self-esteem. When youth have the tools to take charge of their emotions, they learn how to grow from within to resist self-destructive behaviors, which allows them to reach their full potential.

Stephanie L Mann - Author of Empowerment Parenting

Crime Fighting Granny talks about keeping kids safe