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Lynn Oldshue is a storyteller of stories of individuals who have taken life’s challenges and walked through the path. She grew up in Yazoo City, Mississippi, and lives with her husband and two boys in Fairhope, Alabama. Her first publication, The Southern Rambler share stories of artists, musicians, and culture of the Gulf Coast. Lynn sees it this way, “Soon one story, one friendship, leads to another.” Her new project, Our Southern Souls, began after writing a story about the bus riders of Mobile, Alabama, for her magazine, The Southern Rambler. She rode the bus for months, listening to the stories of people who depend on public transportation for everything from work and school to shopping and appointments. She was frustrated when she couldn’t fit everyone’s story into the final version. Her husband gave her the Humans of New York book filled with interviews on the streets of New York, and said this is what she should do. She began with five-minute interviews that now become hour conversations, and beyond. Wanting to find a way to bring nonprofits and help together, she started a Facebook group, Community of Mobile, and shares her stories of organizations and people serving others. Lynn shares why it is important to tell stories and encourage others to share their ilfe story with their community.