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Mike Tikkanen


Mike Tikkanen

Founding board member of KARA (Kids At Risk Action)

Mike Tikkanen became a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate or (CASA) guardian ad-Litem advocating for abused and neglected Children in 1996.

He is a founding board member of KARA, Kids At Risk Action, a nonprofit supporting the people, policies and programs that improve the lives of at-risk children.

Mike has spoken at the United Nations and is the author of many newspaper, online articles & the book INVISIBLE CHILDREN,

He shines a light on the invisibility of child abuse and the lifelong impact trauma from neglect, rape and violence has on children & communities – and how schools, public health, public safety, taxes and our communities suffer.

The COVID pandemic has kept at abused children locked in violent and toxic homes for long periods with no escape or access to teachers and other mandated reporters to help them find safety and healing.

Between 7 and 14 million American children are reported to Child Protective Services annually.

Without our help, traumatized children lead lives of chronic illness, mental health and behavior problems and dysfunctional lifestyles.

The cost to communities in dollars, public health and public safety is huge.

At risk youth bring their mental health and behavior problems to school making classrooms dangerous, hurting teachers and the learning experience for everyone.

They also bring their problems into our neighborhoods making communities unsafe and unhappy. 

What are the solutions? Mike’s conversation is a robust discussion of the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences in your community.  How can we as individuals improve the lives of at-risk children that are impacting the quality of life in our community? 




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