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Announcement: Safe Kids Now Show on 30 TV and radio stations – We are launching the show virtually from NY every Wednesday at 1PM (PT) The first show is May 12th with a special guest, LENA WALTHER, expert on CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING. She is the representative from the Swedish Council for the state of Nevada. Nevada is using the “Swedish model” to stop trafficking! Join us as we discuss this fast growing crime.  You can ask questions! Find out what we can do to stop this horrible threat against children as young as 10 years old and younger. Did you know that unaccompanied minors coming over the Mexican border are vulnerable to be sex trafficked?
Here is an easy link to find the SKN show. www.facebook.com/aaumedia – Every Wednesday at 1pm (Pacific time) 4pm (Eastern Time). We’ve booked six weeks of amazing guests so please pass this along to your friends and neighbors.
We can and must work together to keep kids safe!  Stephanie
If you have questions, contact me at: safeneighborhoods@gmail.com


Stephanie L. Mann, Host: The Safe Kids Now Show
Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant
Author of 5 books on safety
Stephanie Mann
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