Evangelism & Outreach: PROJECT 5:14 - Ministering to The Needs of Your Church Neighborhood - Dr. Barbara Williams and Stephanie L. Mann


Project 5:14 is a simple idea that can have a big impact on stopping senseless violence, strengthening families, and keeping our children safe. It is a blueprint that shows pastors and their congregations what they can do to make their church neighborhood safer. Taken from Galatians 5:14, Christ commands us to “Love thy Neighbor.”

Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship
Oakland, CA

Dr. Barbara Williams has taught in the field of Christian Education for over 40 years. A conference speaker for youth and women’s ministries and conducts relationship workshops. Currently, Director of Christian Education at Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship, Oakland, CA.

Handouts available: The 514 Project, 5 Myths, Adopt-A-Block Survey


For more information about the 514 Project, write a request at www.safekidsnow.com/blog and let us know how to contact you.

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