Author, Stephanie Mann addresses critical life issues in her new book.

“Empowerment Parenting” encourages adults to help children discover their inner power to become self-aware with a moral compass to stay centered and safe. Stories and graphics help youth make the “maturity flip” to resist self-destructive behaviors and stay centered. A centered child can take change of their future.

“Empowerment Parenting” offers ways adults can create a network of support around children. Connecting families to neighbors can stop the social isolation that tolerates gangs, drugs and violence. Adults need to work together to prevent children from becoming socially isolated at school or in the neighborhood.

“Empowerment Parenting” is a 10-step guide, which gives adults the tools to strengthen families as children tap into their inner wisdom, intuition, imagination, and instincts. A self-protective conscience can keep children safe and healthy. Parents and children learn how to overcome difficult challenges. Everyone benefits! A child that feels respected and heard will not abuse drugs or become violent. When adults empower youth, they learn how to reach their potential.

(The breakdown of the family has created emotionally immature and dependent young people who can become angry and socially isolated. Child abuse and neglect affects one million children annually! Cost: $220 million EVERY DAY- Source: CDC)

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Stephanie Mann has been a crime and violence prevention consultant, 40 years. At age 15, she was abandoned in Mexico City and didn’t speak the language. She learned how to survive and thrive. Working in her community she helped reduce crime 48% without a local police department, which helped launch “Neighborhood Watch.” While helping the homeless, she started support groups and men got jobs.

Stephanie has facilitated workshops, after school programs, neighborhood and civic groups to help adults and children learn how to stay safe and healthy.

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