2021: PROPOSAL TO THE MEDIA on behalf of Children

Let’s work together to strengthen FAMILIES & reduce COST TO TAXPAYERS

WE THE PEOPLE, as survivors and child abuse activists, are speaking out to keep youth safe. The plight of American children is seldom discussed by the media or politicians. Discussing abuse can reduce abusive behavior and make America a safer, healthier place for all children.


Children are America’s future!  Safe Kids Now National Network and other child abuse support agencies request that the media focus attention on what Americans can do to protect and strengthen families. Recent statistics tell a disturbing story.


Statistics on the plight of children and cost to taxpayers:

– Cost of child abuse and neglect…$220 million A DAY! (Source: Preventchildabuse.org)

– Cost of gangs, average age 14…$200 Billion a year! (Source: nationalgangcenter.gov)

– Cost of drug abuse…$1 Trillion a year! (Source: Psychology Today)

– Cost of human trafficking, average age 13…$32 Billion a year! (Source: Human Rights First)

– Cost of youth suicide…$58.4 Billion a year! (Source: Americashealthrankings.org)


Safe Kids Now National Network invites media to contact activists who work to empower families, neighborhoods and our cities. The members listed below are experts on abuse, how it affects children’s lives and what citizens can do. We speak from experience.


Media and social media: Consider interviewing experts below on TV, podcasts, zoom meetings, community forums or on panel discussions. Community safety experts are available to discuss child abuse, child sex trafficking, child abuse in Polygamy, gang violence, drug abuse, youth suicide, child neglect and how neighbors can prevent abuse and how they can support youth.


Child abuse safety experts include:

Stephanie L. Mann, Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant (40 years) – Neighborhood Watch, Author, “Empowerment Parenting”–  www.safekidsnow.com 925-451-3654 (PT) Topics: Youth empowerment – Neighborhood and community safety (Author: 6 books on safety) Email: safeneighborhoods@gmail.com

Hooks: “Why empowering children with emotional tools can keep them safe and healthy for a lifetime.” “What neighbors and schools can do to keep children safe.”


Barbara Joy Hansen, NAASCA Stop Child Abuse NOW Talk Show Co-Host, International Award Winning Author, “Listen to the Cry of the Child” www.listentothecry.org – Speaker, Warrior, Life Coach (20 years) proactive survivor childhood incest, clergy preteen crime & domestic violence include pornography & marriage betrayals. TV interviews: Focus on the Family, Free America, Featured on The Dr. Oz Show & CBN Asia  – Interviews onYouTube: https://youtu.be/SDZ4h9WFhl8  & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hok9NGbzNMc&feature=youtu.be Her story has been published in Prison Living, Charisma, The Spirit Led Woman, Signs of the Times, Alliance Life, Saved, Christian Motorcyclists, In Good Health, PARABLES, World Magazines & Alliance Life Contact: Barbara Joy Hansen – Milford, MA. Email: safeneighborhoods@gmail.com Topic: Education and awareness are paramount for moving beyond victimization & the devastation of domestic violence & sexual trauma.


Rebecca Kimbel, Author, Born in Polygamyand escaped a fundmentalist cult. Her father had 6 wives and 48 children. She says, Polygamy is the most expensive, GOVERNMENT FUNDED, CHILD ABUSE Operation in the U.S.A.  American tax dollars finance Polygamy. Since the LDS Church decriminalized polygamy, these costs are exploding. Fumarase Deficiency (deformities) which is caused by inbreeding is the highest on Earth among Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints. Women are bound by Blood Covenant Oath with NO choice, no place to go, no means of protection. Women couldn’t even protect their children, including sex, from their fathers. According to Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, “Utah is the 8th highest in all states for child abuse and 27% of those are sex abuse. Making Utah The HIGHEST OF ANY STATE. For more information, contact Rebecca Kimbel at: safeneighborhoods@gmail.com


Ken and Lena Walter, , Co-Founders of Awareness Is Prevention (AIP). Lena is the Consul of Sweden to Nevada and involved with promoting the Swedish/Nordic Model for Human Trafficking. Implemented in Sweden in 1999 and introduced in other countries and gaining interest in several states in the US. The basic principle, prosecute BUYERS of sex as well as the pimps/traffickers. The girls are not regarded as criminals. As victims, they are helped to get out with education and jobs. Lena says, “No traffickers are coming to Sweden anymore.” Lena is also the spokesperson for the non-profit organization, “Awareness is Prevention” which works to educate and train sex trafficked minors.  AIP has also teamed up with IPOC, Internet Protection Organization of Children, to go after online sites that are targeting minors to supply pornographic images and videos. For more information, contact: safeneighborhoods@gmail.com


Armand King – Author, “Raised in Pimp City” the uncut truth about Domestic and Human Sex Trafficking. Co-Founder of nonprofit, “Paving Great Futures.” At age 16, Armand became a Pimp and trafficked young girls. Today he guides others out of the prison pipeline, criminal activity and works to stop sex trafficking. His mission is to save lives from the pitfalls he witnessed growing up in underserved communities. Contact, Armand King, San Diego CA Safeneighborhoods@gmail.com for more info.


Erin E. Engelke, Executive Director – Calm Waters Center for Children and Families – Oklahoma City’s Grief Center – www.calmwaters.org Help and support for families and children in their grief journey. 

Topics: The effects of grief in children and teens, including loss associated with death, divorce, incarceration, deployment, deportation and foster or adoptive care. Trauma, such as loss of a parent or guardian, increases a child’s ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) score. As an executive of child-focused nonprofits for over 20 years and a childhood survivor of suicide and parental loss, Erin has witnessed the positive trajectory of families who seek help following a trauma or life-changing loss. For more information, contact: Safeneighborhoods@gmail.com


Darlene Corbett  is a Speaker, Author, Therapist/Hypnotherapist, and Podcaster. Her expertise is “getting unstuck.”  Darlene’s book, Stop Depriving the World of You, was published by Sound Wisdom in November 2018. She has been quoted in KnoxNews and MSN.com and writes for BizCatalyst 360 and Sixty and Me. With over thirty-five years of experience as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Darlene has worked with a number of victims dealing with the long-term effects of abuse. This pandemic has created an atmosphere of putting children and adult victims at greater risk. For more information, contact safeneighborhoods@gmail.com