Empowerment Parenting (Digital Download)


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EMPOWER one child or a group of children! Empowerment Parenting provides parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches and educators the tools to help youth become centered, responsible and self-aware. Young people recognize the power of bullies and abusers. However, they need to know how to discover their inner power to handle the slings and arrows of life.


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The book contains 120 illustrations, stories and a 10-step adult guide. One hour a week can improve communication and give youth the self-confidence to stay safe and healthy. Children can learn how to handle anger, make the “maturity flip” and stay safe from bullies, drugs and other self-destructive behaviors. Teens will discover the power of their instincts and intuition. They learn to set goals and work with others. Every child can reach their potential if they know the beginning steps for achieving success. Children will share their stories and be less likely to keep secrets from parents, which will strengthen family bonds and build trust!



“I highly recommend her book, which provide detailed applications in solving social problems and personal problems. Stephanie helps readers find their own personal awareness; wisdom and self-confidence, enabling them to activate the power within oneself to not only change their own lives, but to help others. Do yourself a favor and read this book.”

Rebecca Kimbel, TV and Radio Producer, Eureka, CA

“I couldn’t put this book down! Truly in my opinion every community, church, family and school should have this book. Once it’s taught and read, it changes how you view a child and it allows you to see why as an adult the problems exist in a person’s life. Teaching a child from their early years how to know their self worth and purpose was a wake up call for several students I taught this book to in Jr. High and High School. Thanks a million for writing this book!”

Deborah Faith Taylor…. President/Founder for Wings of Love Non Profit – Memphis, Tennessee

“Dynamic. Practical. Provides a common sense approach that gives parents supportive knowledge on being responsible and accountable in guiding their children to be positive citizens. Highly recommended.”

Ginger Guadagni, CEO, Children At Risk Resources Foundation, Inc.

“Empowering Parenting” is a book worth reading and sharing with others. Stephanie Mann has given parents, educators, professionals and guardians of our children interactive, hands-on tools that they can use with children of all ages. I have used the steps and activities from this book in my parent education sessions for over 10 years and find that the information is easy to understand how they can create success with their children and within the family.”

Sher Graham, Chief Energy Officer, OSBI/Synergy Solutions Worldwide, Mobile, AL

“If I had been introduced to “Empowerment Parenting” when I was younger, I am confident that I would not have made the self-destructive decisions, which led to multiple arrests before I reached adult age.”

Sher Graham, Chief Energy Officer, OSBI/Synergy Solutions Worldwide, Mobile, AL