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Every teen should read “Magical YOU: Empowering Teens to Stay Safe and Healthy in an Unsafe World!” The ten steps include stories, illustrations, and graphics to help youth learn how magical they are despite any difficulties. Loneliness is a national epidemic after COVID. Empowered youth learn how to make real friends, understand why bullies and victims are attracted to each other, and how to stay spiritually centered at all times.

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Magical YOU – written by Stephanie Mann, has just concluded a successful book launch on Amazon with the book ranked as a #1 Best Seller. The author tells her story of abandonment at age 15, and she didn’t speak the language. Readers will discover their inner power, and critical steps to help them survive and thrive at school and in the community. Each step taps into their hidden talents as they discover their awesome potential. “Magical YOU is filled to the brim with valuable advice and a must-read for teens of all ages!”

“Are you feeling alone, bullied, depressed, disconnected, isolated, or even suicidal? Do you wish you could see how powerful and amazing you truly are? Look no further than “Magical YOU.” With practical advice and real-life stories, you’ll learn how to recognize your unique strengths and tap into your inner power to create the life you truly deserve.”
Brandon Barnum, CEO

“Magical YOU is filled to the brim with valuable advice to help adolescents reach their full “magical” potential. It’s a must-read for teens of all ages!”
Ava E, Age 17 – Senior in High School

“Magical YOU unearth mixed messages given by those who have whispered, “Don’t feel, tell, or trust. If I had learned about facing my hidden anger, pain, anxiety & secrets as a child & teen, I might not have stayed silent so long!”
Barbara Joy Hansen, Award-Winning Author, Listen to the Cry of the Child

“Magical You is a must-read for teens as well as parents. Magical You is a clarion call for teens to embrace who they really are. Why? So, we don’t have another generation of trauma passing itself off as culture. Thanks, Stephanie, for healing the wounds of so many teens who are in desperate need of emotional, mental, and physical healing.”
Dr. Ed Delph, Nationstrategy, Phoenix, Arizona.