Safe Neighborhoods Program for Community Leaders

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Safe Homes Safe Neighborhoods

Strengthening American families should be #1 priority! The United States has the highest rates for crime, violence and incarceration in the developed world! Youth are the largest group of perpetrators & victims.

WHAT MAKES THIS PROGRAM DIFFERENT? Stephanie Mann has been a crime and violence prevention specialist and consultant working with criminal justice agencies, politicians, police and citizen groups since 1976. She has helped city leaders strengthen families, support youth and restore community peace. Now, any city can strengthen families. Fear and anger grows when police assume too much power. When neighbors take ownership of neighborhood safety, they reduce social isolation, fear and PREVENT youthful bad behavior. Involved neighbors can build trust, restore hope, solve problems and help create community PEACE. The imbalance of power led to violence in Ferguson MO and Baltimore MD and many other cities. Demonstrations across America exposed the breakdown between citizens and police.

Any community, civic or church leader and youth can help neighbors take responsibility for neighborhood health and safety. Together neighbors can stop drugs, crime, violence, predators, gangs and potential TERRORISTS.

Safe Neighborhoods Program includes:

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  • Crime Quiz to educate citizens.
  • Survey with 3 questions, evaluate results and come up with a plan.
  • 2 CD’s offer do-it-yourself information on how, what, why and when!

Dr. Barbara Williams and Stephanie Mann offer workshops with the purchase of the “Safe Neighborhoods Program for city leaders.”

Contact, for more information.

Church leaders, civic and business people can form ACTION committees and take charge of neighbourhood safety!

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What people are saying about citizen participation!

Deputy Chief Allwyn Brown, Richmond CA Police Department

The CARR Foundation and Safe Kids Now created the “Safe Neighborhoods Program” for city leaders. Program includes, mission, purpose, how to lead a meeting, training an Adopt-A-Block group, Crime Quiz, success stories, dealing with special issues, mending community-police relations, drug problems, the Adopt-a-block Guidebook, 2CD’s and 100 copies of “My first steps to a safe neighborhood.” (We use whimsical characters to transcend cultural and socio economic differences.)

Community leaders can make neighborhoods safer without police involvement. Citizens must be involved to create a healthy balance between citizens and police. The national average is 2.7 police per 1000 citizens. Citizens have a critical role in creating community safety.

“It takes a village to raise a child!” Involved neighbors can protect children from bullies, abuse, drugs, crime, gangs, predators, violent behavior and criminal activities. Neighbors can build trust and restore safety as they create a network of support for youth. Connected neighbors create a safe environment for children to grow and thrive.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about the Safe Neighborhoods Program

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Statistics show…MOST crime committed by a small percentage of people. That means you have more neighbors who CARE about their homes, safety and each other than you imagine. NOW is the time to UNITE. You will be able to relax, your children will be safer as citizens and law enforcement unite for the COMMON good, powered by THE PEOPLE. YOU CAN DO THIS with information, guidance and support, thanks to SAFE KIDS NOW. Join us and find the answers you need. Together we CAN make our neighborhoods SAFE. Rebecca Kimbel, TV Producer and Safe Kids Now Rep. in Eureka, California

Many hands make light work… it takes a village to raise a child, the principle still works. Our efforts collectively can and will help to make our neighborhoods safe for our children. The Safe Neighborhood Program is a tool that will help to promote neighborhood involvement by showing you how to organize (Ten Step to a Safe &Healthy Neighborhood), educate-(Resources- available), equip (survey to identify skills in the group), and mobilize ( Safe Tips on Do’s and Don’ts). This is a must have for neighborhoods, business, churches, schools and civic organizations. Community participation will create strong communities. Dr. Barbara J Williams, Relationship Trainer and Author – Program Director of Safe Kids Now – Fairfield, CA

Safe Kids Now is committed to and experienced in building communities in which children can thrive. Now more than ever is the need for citizens to take control, be empowered and connect their communities: we are the authors and finishers of our fate! Cessaly Hutchinson, All State Insurance, Safe Kids Now Rep in Atlanta, Ga.

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