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SKN Network to Empower Children

Safe Kids Now is a national network of people who care about youth! Many parents are frustrated because they don’t know how to empower youth and protect them from becoming victims of bullies, abuse, drugs, crime or violence.


Safe Kids Now can help you empower your children and learn how to take control of your neighborhood safety.


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Network of community leaders include

stephanie mann

Stephanie L. Mann
Alameda, CA


STEPHANIE L. MANN, Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant – SF Bay Area Founder, Safe Kids Now National Network – SF Bay Area

Safe Kids Now Administrator Assistant Jo Ann Hoffman

Jo Ann Hoffman
Las Vegas, NV

Administrator Assistant

Jo Ann Hoffman, Administrator Assistant for SKN – Jo Ann was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. She earned her BS in Education and English from Louisiana Tech University and an Elementary Certification and MEd in Psychology and Reading from Northeast Louisiana University. She taught for 7 years in a middle school in Louisiana and retired a year ago after teaching 30 years in the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, NV. She brings her experience in working with mostly at-risk students and a personal interest in the well being of children to our organization. She is highly organized and has numerous office skills having worked on and off for 7 years as an administrative assistant when she wasn’t teaching. She sees the very important purpose of developing safe neighborhoods and positive environments for today’s youth and their families.

Safe Kids Now Director Dr. Barbara Williams

Dr. Barbara Williams
Oakland, CA


DR. BARBARA WILLIAMS – Safe Kids Now Program Director -Host on teleconference calls/program director – Dr. Barbara is a Retired Insurance Broker and Real Estate Agent. She is a Conference speaker for Youth and Women’s Ministries and conducts Relationship Workshops. Direct of Programs

Sher Graham
Mobile, AL


SHER GRAHAM, SKN Board of Directors and Chairperson -Communication/Newsletter, Public Relations, scheduling teleconference speakers. Mobile, AL.

Safe Kids Now Director Ginger Guadagni

Ginger Guadagni
Tracy, CA


GINGER GUADAGNI, SKN Board Member – Partner with CARR Foundation/creative artist of “Tip Toons” – Safe Kids Now and the CARR Foundation, in partnership, created the “Safe Neighborhoods Program for City Leaders.” Ginger is the Creator of many whimsical characters and books to help empower

Safe Kids Now Member Chevonna

Chevonna Johnson




CEO/ ALL ABOUT US GLOBAL MEDIA PRODUCTION GROUP TV/RADIO/MAGAZINE/BLOG – President/Founder: YWRAP/ The Whitney E Johnson Foundation, Inc. / Matter to Mind-Cable TV/AAU TEEN TALK TV

I am an advocate, advisor, liaison, public speaker, community leader, counselor, mentor and a voice for promotion, support, education (self-esteem), awareness and research social, psychological, human awareness on bullying, domestic abuse, suicide awareness/intervention/prevention about people, processes, policies, and laws. I have over 20 years of social work experience in the healthcare field working as an administrator for a home healthcare agency.

Safe Kids Now Director Rebecca Kimbel

Rebecca Kimbel
Eureka, CA


REBECCA KIMBEL – Member at Large – TV producer/writer – She is dedicated to get people on TV that are making a difference.

Safe Kids Now Advisor AJ Jelani

AJ Jelani
Richmond, CA


AJ JELANI, Richmond, CA- Member at Large – Neighborhood Chairman of his council – Founder of Peace on the Streets and Christmas on the Streets – Concerned about human rights for families

Ana Sparrow Hawk
Mesa, AZ


ANA SPARROW HAWK, FOUNDER – RED PAPER CLIP CENTER – Domestic violence survivor, Ana is dedicated to “ending all cycles of abuse.” When we know our neighbors and help our friend’s abuse can no longer exist.” Our missions include, creating a centralized database and share the resources with other organizations.

Bishop Andre W. Jackson
Richmond, CA


BISHOP ANDRE W. JACKSON, Richmond CA – Author, Walking the Path With God PREACH IT and TEACH IT.  (Compassion, courage, soulfulness, doing faith, righteousness, Living in the spirit) Carriage Hills Community church, Richmond, CA

Angelica Harris
Queens, NY


ANGELICA HARRIS – Queens district attorney office – Author of “Living with rage, a quest for solace.”

Safe Kids Now Member Bento Leal

Bento Leal

BENTO LEAL, SKN Board Member


Cessaly D. Hutchinson
Decatur, GA


CESSALY D. HUTCHINSON, SKN Board Member – CEO Tahitian Pearl Consultant, Inc. A Delaware Corp. Creating a safer world for children and youth through networks that care by providing support, information and advice. Contact:  – – P.O. Box 1707, Decatur, Ga. 30031 – Allstate Office Manager in Atlanta GA. 

Charlene Harris
Richmond, CA


CHARLENE HARRIS, Richmond, CA. Founder of the Christmas Holiday Party for low- income families with dinner and a gift give away.  Helps families find Section 8 housing.

Safe Kids Now Members Dale Ray Smith and Cheryl

Dale Ray Smith and his wife, Cheryl
Humble, TX

Dale Ray Smith and his wife, Cheryl – HUMBLE, TX.77338 – GAINING GROUND (501C-3) NONPROFIT

Darlene M. Corbett

Darlene M. Corbett
Oakland, CA


Darlene Corbett is a Professional Speaker, Author and Licensed Therapist/Coach. Her expertise is helping people get “Unstuck.” Darlene is a high-content speaker with an engaging style. Audiences leave with much enthusiasm and the tools to begin the process of getting unstuck.

Darlene has been in the people business for over thirty years. She has been quoted in Knox News,, Bustle, and Best Life. In addition, she has written many blogs which can be found on, LinkedIn, Sixty and Me, Goodreads and Thrive Global.  Her book, Stop Depriving The World of You, was published by Sound Wisdom this past November.

David Rosenblum
San Lorenzo, CA


DAVID ROSENBLUM – Teacher in San Leandro, CA

Dr. Ed Delph

(1) 623 363 9961

Skype: ed.delph3


Dr. Ed Delph has written nine books. His second book, Church @ Community was published by Creation House and was released in 2005. This book is in its fourth reprint. His third book is called Learning How to Trust… Again, published by Destiny Image in 2007 and is now in its third printing. Several of Ed’s books are translated and published in Korea, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, India and South Africa.

Ed writes a weekly article entitled The Church-Community Connection which is published weekly in The Glendale Star, The Peoria Times, and the Buckeye Valley newspaper. The articles also appear in several newspapers worldwide.

Dr. Katie Eastman

Dr. Katie Eastman



Dr Katie Eastman is a program development specialist and coach in the field of community engagement. She has experience in building community partnerships on the local, national and international level, especially in the non- profit sector. Her greatest skill lies in supporting smaller community organizations, for example assisted living organizations, nursing care, memory care, funeral homes and smaller grief and bereavement programs who need support in how to help their residents and staff navigate transition, change and loss.

Dr. Eastman maintains a practice as a licensed psychotherapist and coach specializing in loss and transition. She supports people of all ages before, during and after serious loss by providing practical tools for coping with serious illness, death, divorce, retirement and other life transitions.


Dr. Eastman has a multi-faceted career, has headed a non-profit and is an active participant in her community. She is an adoptive parent and is particularly concerned with issues relating to youth. She has been in practice more than twenty years. She received her Doctorate at the Antioch New England Graduate Psy.D Program. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and spent two years in Divinity School.  Her License and State is : LW60234810 Washington

Safe Kids Now Member Emily

Emily Gerst
Chicago, IL


With Campus Crusade at Northwestern University

Safe Kids Now Member Emily Slingluff

Emily Slingluff
Virginia Beach, VA


EMILY SLINGLUFF, AUTHOR – For over 25 years, I have been writing about positive parenting, Author, PARENTING WITHOUT PUNISHMENT- Available at Amazon in soft cover and kindle.  Also available through bookstores.

Emma Olenberger
510 618-2028
510 926-2233 cell
San Leanndro, CA


Faith E. Fuller


Gloria Frothingham
San Leandro, CA


Safe Kids Now Member Greg

Greg Cyprian
Mobile, AL


Helen Wright
Pritchard, AL

HELEN WRIGHT – Program Director for the City of Prichard, AL

Jahmal Cole

Chicago, IL

JAHMAL COLE – President of My block, My Hood, My City, Inc.

J. Gordon Boyd

J. GORDON BOYD – S.T.E.P.S. Program

Safe Kids Now Advisor Jim Holler

Jim Holler
Fairfield, PA


JIM HOLLER – Ex-Police Chief and founder of Holler Training on sexual assault and child safety.

Safe Kids Now Advisor John Minney

John Minney

Alamo, CA


JOHN MINNEY, SKN Board Member and Advisor – Contra Costa County Superior and Juvenile Court Judge – Retired

Kevin Strauss
Alamo, CA


KEVIN STRAUSS, FOUNDER, Columbia, MD. FAMILYEJOURNAL FamilyeJournal’s (FEJ) mission is to strengthen relationships. All humans have a basic need to connect and feel like they belong and FamilyeJournal provides a safe, guided forum for this to occur.

LaMerle Johnson

Oakland, CA

LAMERLE JOHNSON – Child abuse matters organization


LOIS HOLLIS, RN, BSN, REV. founder of The I’M GOOD PROGRAM supports the self-goodness within each of us to empower ourselves. Lois teaches not only how to remove but also how not to take on shame and guilt, which stops our natural feeling, that I am a good person.

                      “Shame and guilt are not ours to own or to give.” Lois Hollis

Lois is currently producing a documentary film series that illustrates how The I’M GOOD PROGRAM is essential to wellness. She also is available for individuals or group consultations on a limited basis.

Lonnie Haskins
Petaluma, CA

Publicist, Advisor

LONNIE HASKINS – Retired State Farm Insurance Public Relations Manager

Mattie Johnson
Oakland, CA


MATTIE JOHNSON, Oakland CA at Acts Full Gospel Church, “Street Disciples.” Caring for the needs of girls that are sex trafficked. Oakland, CA

Safe Kids Now Member Patricia A. McKnight

Patricia A. McKnight


Patricia A. McKnight- Author


PAULA FLOWE, Oahu. Hawaii – The Hitting Stops Here! is a national child advocacy organization led by Paula Flowe, 24/7 “on-the-ground” activism begins on Oahu, Hawaii for the success of US federal bill, “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act,” HR 2268 ( –

Ralph Jones

800-906-9759 Ext 1

Chicago, IL


RALPH JONES, Chief Executive Officers of Youth Development System, Inc. – Over 12 years worked his way up to Assistant Vice President of Accounting and Finance. Ralph’s successful career helped him to see that CHESS can improve a child’s ability to analyze factors which can help youth have a successful future.


RASHEED SALAAM – Starting a Safe Kids Now group in St. Louis MO.

Richard Van Dyke - Safe Kids Now Member

Richard Van Dyke


Baltimore, MD


Richard Van Dyke, entrepreneur, product developer, and record producer for over 25 years, has developed nontraditional drug prevention products and services to help children and youth learn the value of staying drug-free and tools to successfully reach that goal. His innovative products include drug awareness flash cards, the Drug-Free Millionaire program, and the Drug-Free Charlie program. Richard has a passion for prevention and takes pride in the positive impact Drugnet Enterprises’ products have made in people’s lives in the community and beyond.

Safe Kids Now Member Rob Bisceglie

Rob Bisceglie



Shirley Tang

Raleigh, NC


Shirley Tang, Founder –
Mission: Giving the voice and power to at-risk students and their parents vs. peer/adult discrimination/bullying.

Steve Q.  Shannon
Del Ray Beach, FL


Safe Kids Now Director Terry Boykins

Terry Boykins
San Bernardino, CA



Trisha McKnight
Breese, IL


TRISHA MCKNIGHT – Abuse survivor and author, “My justice”

Wyatt Jones

Chicago, IL


This page is a work in progress as we gather info from our SKN members!