I couldn’t put this book down!!!!!!!Truly in my opinion every community,church,family and school should have this book.Once it’s taught and read it changes how you view a child and it allows you to see why as an adult the problems exist in a persons life.Teaching a child from their early years how to know their self worth and purpose was a wake up call for several students. I taught this book in Jr.High and High School.Stephanie Mann is an amazing woman who wrote a powerful book that has step by step allowed many to break barriers,overcome adversities and reach their greatest potential. Without a doubt, this book will help you in your journey to break your barriers and reach your spiritual height in life.STREET SAFE KIDS BOOK,can strengthen families and help stop the social isolation that fuels domestic violence, abuse, gangs and other destructive behaviors.”KEEPING KIDS SAFE BEGINS AT HOME AND IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS! Thanks a million for writing this book Stephanie Mann you are a Phenomenal Woma!!!!,……….Deborah Faith Taylor….President/Founder for Wings of Love Non Profit….Memphis,Tennessee