With a background in adult education and youth work as a Day Camp Counsellor plus leader positions within Scouts Camp/ D of E Award in Canada I read this booklet. It is well researched and presented in such a way that people taking this will grasp the concepts very well. It has a logical flow to it and various exercises within it to reinforce to what you have been taught. Lastly, it has a resource list and websites for further Information for you to do further readings on topics that maybe of interest to you here.

Bob Russell, Program Co-ord. @ the Ontario Parole Board (Retired) & Ontario Deputy Guildmaster for the B.P. Guild in Canada.

Rarely does a set of instructions for raising children come packaged in this way.

Parents, teenagers and educators everywhere will benefit from reading Empowerment Parenting!

J. Gordon Boyd, CEO FRONTLINE Task Force on Public Safety

I have had the opportunity to work closely with the Chaplain. This close relationship between the Chaplain Dale Ray Smith and his neighbors has proven to be invaluable to those deputies who patrol his neighborhood.  The Chaplain has spent countless hours working with his neighbors and convincing them to stand up against the criminals by reporting their crimes to the deputies.  As a result of his hard work several criminals have been arrested, charged and booked into the Harris County Jail.

-Captain Toby Hecker

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Captain Toby Hecker

I couldn’t put this book down!!!!!!!Truly in my opinion every community,church,family and school should have this book.Once it’s taught and read it changes how you view a child and it allows you to see why as an adult the problems exist in a persons life.Teaching a child from their early years how to know their self worth and purpose was a wake up call for several students. I taught this book in Jr.High and High School.Stephanie Mann is an amazing woman who wrote a powerful book that has step by step allowed many to break barriers,overcome adversities and reach their greatest potential. Without a doubt, this book will help you in your journey to break your barriers and reach your spiritual height in life.STREET SAFE KIDS BOOK,can strengthen families and help stop the social isolation that fuels domestic violence, abuse, gangs and other destructive behaviors.”KEEPING KIDS SAFE BEGINS AT HOME AND IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS! Thanks a million for writing this book Stephanie Mann you are a Phenomenal Woma!!!!,……….Deborah Faith Taylor….President/Founder for Wings of Love Non Profit….Memphis,Tennessee

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Deborah Faith Taylor

A wonderfully written book geared toward kids, young adults, and of course adults too! This book focuses on the mind, body, and spirit; living a life that is well balanced while navigating the challenges in the world today. After reading this book, I purchased one to send to my teenage nephews! I truly wish that all schools would adopt this program into their curriculum since making good choices for a successful life and building positive resiliency is a basic life skill.

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Lisa J. Howard

Violence is rampant in the United States and the world. So many folks live in fear and do not know what to do. Street Safe Kids gives preteens, teens and adults the tools needed to take charge of their lives and learn how to reach their potential. Connection with family, friends and communities are a huge step in stemming the violence. Making the connection within ourselves to our own wisdom is also one of the most valuable tools we can use to create the identity needed for children and adults to have safe neighborhoods, healthy relationships and fulfilling lives. Read Street Safe Kids and find the way to the safe life we all yearn for.

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Edy Schwartz

This book is so well written… Easy to understand. I really believe it needs to be part of our public school curiculum. So many dysfunctional families out there looking for an answer…. We all want what is best for our children and to live in a safe neighborhood! This book has so many useful and easily applied ideas to make everyone’s life better!!

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Lynda Brown

Street Safe Kids is an easy read packed with visual illustrations and examples illuminating the steps both kids and adults can take to assure success in the maturation process. Great tool for educators and school counselors in that it is packed with interactive questions and exercises to get conversations going and help adults asertain where young people are in the process. I especially found the goal setting section helpful.

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Melody R. Murray

A book for every Parent, Teacher, Law Officer, and any one who works with or has contact with young developing persons.
Easy to read, understand, and use.

Amazon Customer

What Stephanie Mann writes in Street-Safe Kids is fantastic, thought provoking, optimistic, and sensible. It can help everybody because, as we know, nobody is perfect even with loving treatment from the beginning of life.

Emily H. Slingluff